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Friday, May 9, 2014

La Union: Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines

It's my first time to travel. My first time at the ocean. And definitely my first time to try surfing. At first, I was very hesitant as I was invited by my officemate - Mara on her birthday surf session at La Union. I told her that I don't know how to swim so I wouldn't  dare to try that sport. Besides, I thought that travelling that time was very pricey. Until I was convinced one day at the office.

Friday night after office, we met at Jollibee in ETON Cyberpod. We headed towards Partas Terminal in Aurora Boulevard. Bus fare costs P450 from Cubao to San Juan, La Union. We just told the bus conductor to dropped us off at Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union.  It is better to take a night trip so you'll arrive earlier in the morning. It's also faster to travel at night and just sleep along the trip.

The Bus left at 11:00pm and since most of us came from the office, everyone where already knocked out after some chitchats. It was a long 6 hours of travel and we arrived in San Juan, La Union. After getting off the bus, we already heard the splash of the waves and everyone was excited. We headed towards Sebay Surf Resort where we checked in.

(image courtesy of  Sebay Surf Resort / http://sebaysurfcentral.com )

The rooms are air conditioned and equipped with Cable TV. The restrooms are all clean and you'll definitely relax and feel at home. There is also a Wi-Fi connection so you can connect to the web anytime.

After checking in our baggage, we headed at the Sand bar for our breakfast. We ate a lot because we're informed that we'll consume most of our energy in surfing.

Now everyone's ready to ride the waves. But before that, we were taught about the basics. Our instructors from San Juan Surf Resort's Billabong Surf School discussed the parts of the surf board, the proper way to paddle and stand on the board as well as some surfing etiquette.

I was instructed by Coach Roger on when should I paddle and stand on the board. Here comes the wave, paddle paddle paddle... Up... and ... fail. I missed the first wave. He just told me to relax and stand steady on the board. But i'm still very nervous. Here comes another wave, and paddle paddle paddle... and instead on standing up, I just sat on the board... hahaha. I paddle back and wait for the right wave. This time, i'm now more comfortable in the water. Another set of waves come and Roger instructed me to prepare. I pushed my body up, stepped my left foot forward, until i stabilized and got my balance.

Yeeeeey... I finally ride my very first wave. It was a very rewarding experience as you get up and and stand on your board.

Everyone manage to stand up on the surfboard... clap clap clap.... :D.
After an hour of surfing, you'll definitely see the smile on everyone's faces.

(From Left to Right: Mila, Ace, Jhong, Rojyn, Omi, Paula, and Topher)

We are all exhausted but overjoyed after overcoming the waves of La Union. Now I definitely agree that the ability to swim is not a prerequisite to learn surfing. And the instructors would not let you to get drown.

After we rest from our first surf session, we had our lunch at Angel and Marie's Surfer's Retreat Restaurant. It's just right across San Juan Surf Resort along McArthur Hi-way. If you want a true taste of good Filipino food, this is the best place to go. From beef, chicken, vegetable to seafoods, everything on an affordable price.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on picture taking, beach bumming and we played Frisbee.

(It's girls vs. the boys)

(Cool couple: Paula and Omi)

We also celebrated the birthday or our dearest friend Mara. The reason why this clingy group was formed.

And we continued the party to the beach till night. Our surf instructor party with us and they've set up bonfire.

It was indeed a fun surf weekend with new found friends. And I'm also grateful that I've tried something new. Something to get addicted to.

Here's a suggested itinerary if you're planning to have a weekend getaway to La Union:

Day 0
11:00PM  ETD Partas Bus Terminal Cubao

Day 1
5:00AM  ETA San Juan, La Union
6:00AM  Check in at Sebay Surf Resort
7:00AM  Breakfast
8:00AM  Surf Session, Swimming, Beach Bumming
10:30AM Change clothes and rest
12:00PM Lunch at Angel and Marie's Surfer's Retreat Restaurant
1:00PM  Free time
       Relax at the beach, swimmming, play frisbee
       You can also go to other tourist attractions near San Juan
       (refer to the later part of the post for the other places to visit)

4:00PM  Afternoon Surf Session
              Swimming, Beach Bumming, Play Volleyball or Frisbee
6:00PM  Dinner at Urbiztondo Grill House
8:00PM  Bonfire and Beach Party

Day 2
8:00AM  Breakfast
9:00AM  Stroll at the beach, Swimming, Surfing
12:00PM Lunch

1:00PM  Rest and Pack up things
2:00PM  ETD San Juan, La Union
8:00PM  Manila

Day 1 
P500   (P5000/8 = P500 (Rates varies depending on season)
P450   Cubao -  La Union
P 70    Breakfast
P400   Surfing (Surfing Instructor, Surfboard and Rashguard rentals)
P100   Lunch
P100   Dinner

Day 2
P 70    Breakfast
P100   Lunch
P450   La Union - Cubao


For more photos, click on this link


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